The FreakChild Experience–Fridays from 7pm-10pm

The insanity of mediocrity continues once again!! The internet radio world sensation returns to the airwaves on KFRK Digital Radio and is now also featured on Brighton’s Own Radio, KBRT-DB.  That’s right Colorado, we took over Texas, which was no easy feat, and now we are back home in Colorado to get you back up to speed. So put on your thinking hats, grab your beverages and food of choice, and get ready to poke fun at all the crap of the day. Wind down and pump it up with a show that will have you grooving to the music, laughing at the stories and interviews, and a new co-host, Bert The Boob will entertain you every Friday night from 7:00-10:00pm!! LISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!!

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